• John P. Boyle

      John P. Boyle The Language Conservancy

      John P. Boyle earned his MA and PhD in Linguistics from the University of Chicago, and has taught linguistics at Northeastern Illinois University.  He specializes in Hidatsa, and has served as Executive Director of the Apsáalooke Language Curriculum Project for the Crow Tribe. He has also served on the Committee on Endangered Languages for the Linguistic Society of America, and as organizer of the annual Siouan-Caddoan Languages Conferenc...

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    • Delvin Driver, Jr.

      Delvin Driver, Jr. Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College

      Delvin Driver, Jr. is a member of the Knife Clan. He teaches Hidatsa at NHS College and Parshall High School.

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    • Ryan Kasak

      Ryan Kasak The Language Conservancy

      Ryan has been working on the MHA Language Project since 2013. He has helped compile the Speak Mandan! Level 1 Textbook and Mandan Vocab Builder. He has also contributed to documenting Hidatsa phonology. Currently, Mr. Kasak is working on updating the Mandan online audio dictionary and developing the Speak Mandan! Level 2 Textbook resources. In addition, Mr. Kasak is a PhD Candidate at Yale University and has broad experience in working with the revitalization of Siouan languages, including Mandan, Hidatsa and Crow.

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    • Armik Mirzayan

      Armik Mirzayan The Language Conservancy

      Armik Mirzayan has been an Assistant Professor in Native Studies, Lakota Language, and the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics at the University of South Dakota since 2011. He earned his PhD in Linguistics from University of Colorado at Boulder in 2010. Armik has been studying Lakota and doing linguistic research on Siouan and Caddoan languages since 1999. His specific research within linguistics is focused on phonetics and sound patterns of languages, language change, and language revitalization. He completed his dissertation on Lakota Intonation and Prosody, a topic that ...

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    • Albino Junior Garcia

      Albino Junior Garcia Lakota Language Consortium

      Albino Junior Garcia is the Education Director at Lakota Language Consortium. He has taught various courses at the Lakota Summer Institute since 2012 and is a leader in the field of Lakota language instruction and teacher training. Previously, Junior was the Dean of Culture and a Lakota language Instructor at the Native American Community Academy in Albuquerque, NM. His teaching experience and positive energy are a great addition to MHASI.

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    • Bernadine Young Bird

      Bernadine Young Bird Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College

      Bernadine Young Bird is a member of the Maxoadi Clan-Alkalai Lodge and an enrolled member of the Three-Affiliated Tribes on Ft. Berthold. Bernadine has raised her own children, 5 grandchildren, and has also fostered many other children throughout the years. Raising children has given Bernadine a tremendous joy, which she relays through her teaching. In the past, Bernadine was an elementary school teacher and Education Administrator, where she had oversight of all education programs Pre-school to Adult for the MHA Nation. Bernadine is currently the Language Coordinator/Faculty of the NHS Colleg...

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    • Lanny Real Bird

      Lanny Real Bird Little Big Horn College

      Dr. Lanny Real Bird (Hidatsa Crow) is an instructor at Little Big Horn College in Crow Agency, MT. He has developed multimedia teaching materials for Crow, Hidatsa and Mandan languages, as well as the 200-sign course for Plains Sign Language.    

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