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Cisco 650-395 Dumps

SBF for Engineers
SBF for Engineers

Questions & Answers for Cisco 650-395

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Question #1

With Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express running on the Cisco 2921ISR G2,
how many phones can be supported?

A. 35

B. 50

C. 100

D. 150

Question #2

Which digital voice circuit supports 23 voice (B) channels and signaling that is carried in a
dedicated 64 kb/s data (D) channel?





Question #3

All-in-one UTM security gateways are starting to displace routers in many small business
networks. What does UTM stand for?

A. United Threat Monitor

B. Unified Threat Management

C. Universal Threat Manager

D. Ultimate Threat Monitoring

Question #4

Which program houses all the small business partner training resources?

A. SB University

B. Campaign Builder

C. Select Certification

D. Market Cisco Technologies and Services

E. partner education connection

Question #5

Bridges and switches are Layer 2 devices that provide the same basic functionality but that
also have some differences. Which two traits apply to switches only?

A. typically have fewer ports because forwarding decisions are made in software

B. are faster because forwarding decisions are made on hardware

C. supports Layer 2 VLANs

D. flood frames out all ports

E. segment LANs

Question #6

Address translation is another component of Layer 3 design. Which two types of address
translation allow an IP Address to be duplicated? (Choose two.)






Question #7

Which Cisco supported device can be added to a Cisco Unified Communications 300
Series deployment for additional PSTN lines and increased port density on the FXO ports?

A. ESW500

B. SA500

C. SPA8800

D. SRP500

Question #8

Where is the Cisco OnPlus Network Agent appliance installed?

A. Cisco-hosted data center

B. customer premises

C. partner location

D. third-party data center

Question #9

A computer is connected to the network through a NIC, which has a unique assignment
that is called the Ethernet MAC address. Which layer of the OSI model does the MAC
address use to communicate with the network?

A. data link

B. network

C. session

D. application

Question #10

Which Cisco RV Series Router can support up to 7 WAN connections or 13 LAN

A. RV016

B. RV042

C. RV082

D. RV220W

Question #11

Which two options are competitive advantages of Cisco 200 and 300 Series Switches in
the marketplace? (Choose two.)


B. energy-efficient design

C. form factor

D. Layer 2 switching

E. more ports per gigabit switch

Question #12

Which post-sales SMART Design documents are available to help you better serve your
customers? (Choose three.)

A. Design Guide

B. Small Business Product Guide

C. Implementation Guide

D. Solution Profile

E. Cisco Configuration Assistant

F. Application Notes

Question #13

Which small business portfolio is appropriate for the customer who has sophisticated
requirements and is looking for scalability?

A. Built for Small Business

B. Fit Small Business

C. Right for Small Business

D. Simple Small Business

Question #14

Which Cisco product would a partner select to maintain customer network and generate
recurring revenue?

A. OnPlus

B. Quad

C. TelePresence

D. WebEx

Question #15

Which two Cisco switches support IPv6? (Choose two.)

A. 100 Series

B. 300 Series

C. ESW 500 Series

D. Catalyst 2960 Series

E. SFE /SGE Switches