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Networking Fundamentals
Networking Fundamentals


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Questions & Answers for Microsoft 98-366

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Question #1

What is an example of a Layer 3 device that connects multiple computers and networks?

A. Packet

B. Repeater

C. Switch

D. Router

Question #2

If a router cannot determine the next hop for a packet, the router will:

A. Forward the packet to the default route.

B. Send the packet back to the packet's source.

C. Broadcast the packet.

D. Store the packet in the memory buffer.

Question #3

You need to run four Ethernet network drops. Each drop is approximately 125 feet/46.33
An interference exists along the path of each drop.
You need to ensure that interference is reduced.
Which cable type should you use?

A. STP Cat5e

B. UTPCat5e

C. Cat3

D. UTPCat6

Question #4

One purpose of a perimeter network is to:

A. Make resources available to the intranet.

B. Link campus area networks (CANs).

C. Link local area networks (LANs).

D. Make resources available to the Internet.

Question #5

The protocol that maps IP addresses to a Media Access Control (MAC) address is:

A. Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).

B. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

C. Routing Information Protocol (RIP).

D. User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

E. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).

Question #6

You are home for vacation, and a family member wants your help to purchase and install
network cable for a home office.
The cable needs to support at least 300 Mbps.
What is the least expensive option that meets this requirement?

A. Cat3


C. Cat5e

D. Cat6

Question #7

You work at a coffee shop. Your supervisor asks you to help set up a computer network.
The network needs to have the following items:
✑ A public facing web server
✑ A Wi-Fi network for customers
✑ A private network for the point of sale terminals
✑ An office PC
✑ A file/print server
✑ A network printer
You need to set up a perimeter network to protect the network.
Which two items should you include in the perimeter network? (Choose two.)

A. Network printer

B. Web server

C. File server

D. Wi-Fi network

E. Point of sale terminals

Question #8

What are three advantages of VLANs? (Choose three.)

A. They can logically address packets by using IP.

B. They require a router to connect to VLANs on another switch.

C. They compartmentalize a network and isolate traffic.

D. They are efficient because a single switch can implement only a single VLAN.

E. They act as though they are on the same LAN regardless of physical location.

Question #9

Which of the following uses pointer records and A records?


B. DNS Server

C. NAT Server


Question #10

Which of these addresses is a multicast address?





Question #11

What is the bit rate for a North American T3 circuit?

A. 6.312 Mbit/s

B. 44.736 Mbit/s

C. 274.176 Mbit/s

D. 400.352 Mbit/s

Question #12

Which of the following is a public IP address?





Question #13

Which metric does Routing Information Protocol (RJP) use to determine the least costly

A. Delay

B. Host ID

C. Hop count

D. Interface

Question #14

What is a similarity between Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches?

A. Both provide a high level of security to the network.

B. Both use logical addressing to forward transmissions.

C. Both forward packets onto the network.

D. Both allow the implementation of VLANs.

Question #15

What are two characteristics of fiber optic cable? (Choose two.)

A. Conducts electricity

B. Requires metal conduit

C. Supports splicing

D. Requires a polish for end connectors