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HP HP0-Y42 Exam - Implementing HP TippingPoint Solutions

Questions & Answers for HP HP0-Y42

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Question #1 - Topic 0

Which model of HP TippingPoint IPS supports the following CLI command? conf t
inspection-bypass add -eth ip

A. 5000E

B. 660N and 1400N

C. TP10

D. 2500N and 5100N.

Question #2 - Topic 0

The Connections per Second option is set to 6 in an Advanced DDoS filter on an E-series
HP TippingPoint IPS. How many connections will be allowed in any given sliding time

A. 6

B. 60

C. 600

D. 6000

Question #3 - Topic 0

How can an attacker be released from IPS Quarantine? (Select four.)

A. by restarting the SMS that implemented the Quarantine

B. automatically after configured timeout

C. manually from Quarantined Host table

D. manually from the SMS Responder Response History table

E. by restarting the IPS that implemented the Quarantine

F. by using the Remove Quarantine-option in the Details of the event from the SMS Events screen

Question #4 - Topic 0

Click the Exhibit button. Which Security Policy will apply to untagged traffic flowing through
Segment 1 from B > A?

A. Default Security Policy

B. Inbound Internet Policy

C. Voice VLAN Policy

D. all policies

Question #5 - Topic 0

Which of the following must be true in order to restore an HP TippingPoint IPS to a specific
snapshot? (Select three.)

A. The IPS and snapshot model must be the same.

B. The IPS and snapshot TOS version must be the same.

C. The IPS and snapshot DV must be the same.

D. The snapshot must be loaded on the IPS.

E. The snapshot must be loaded on the SMS.

F. The snapshot must be loaded in the SMS Client.

Question #6 - Topic 0

Click the Exhibit button. Which filters share the same trigger? (Select two.)

A. 1129 and 8915

B. 5456, 6545, 5457, 6515, 4616, 1365

C. 657, 1450, 3740 and 588

D. 1129, 1117, 1109

E. 495, 1117, 1109

Question #7 - Topic 0

Which action is not available by default when creating an SMS Responder policy?

A. Send an email message.

B. Move a host to another VLAN.

C. Reboot the offending user's PC.

D. Send a Syslog message.

Question #8 - Topic 0

Click the Exhibit button. You selected six profiles for distribution on an HP TippingPoint
SMS. Why are some profiles marked with a red x?

A. The SMS has detected that the profiles invalid.

B. The profiles are being distributed for the first time.

C. The SMS does not have information on where those profiles are going to be distributed.

D. The distribution process failed the last time the profiles were distributed.

Question #9 - Topic 0

In the Responder-history-section of an HP TippingPoint SMS, you see an entry with PS?as
source. You are certain no Responder-policies haveIn the Responder-history-section of an
HP TippingPoint SMS, you see an entry with ?PS?as source. You are certain no
Responder-policies have been defined on this IPS. What is the source of this message?

A. an unauthorized configuration of a Responder-policy

B. an activated IPS-Quarantine-action-set in one of the managed IPS devices

C. the hidden TippingPoint Responder policy

D. the manually activated Default Response policy

Question #10 - Topic 0

Which two statements are true when configuring policy by CIDR in TOS 3.1.x and later?
(Select two.)

A. supports order for precedence

B. supports only IP-based precedence

C. supports overlapping IP addresses

D. supports only VLAN-based precendence

E. supports only a single IP address per rule

Question #11 - Topic 0

At a customer site, 10 HP TippingPoint IPSs are under SMS management. You must
ensure that all block and permit events from all IPSs are sent to a single Syslog server.
What is the recommended method?

A. Create SMS Responder Syslog Action.

B. Configure IPS remote Syslog server.

C. Configure SMS remote Syslog server.

D. Create Action Set with Remote Sylog and apply to all required filters.

Question #12 - Topic 0

What information is used by an HP TippingPoint IPS flow-based filter to perform threat

A. packet header content

B. packet payload content

C. traffic changes

D. 5 tuple

Question #13 - Topic 0

Click the Exhibit button. You added an exception to filter 0100: TFN: UDP Flood Command
Acknowledgement. When looking at the corresponding Profile Overview in the HP
TippingPoint SMS, where can you view this exception?

A. Category Settings Tab

B. Filters Tab

C. Profile Settings Tab

D. Filter Action Set

E. Shared Settings Tab

Question #14 - Topic 0

You are working in an HP TippingPoint SMS. You need to distribute a profile that contains
a SYN-flood-ADDOS-filter. The HP TippingPoint IPS is not configured to run in asymmetric
mode. What will happen when you start the distribution?

A. The distribution will be allowed and started.

B. The distribution will be allowed and started only for an E-series IPS.

C. The distribution will be allowed and started only for a N-platform IPS.

D. The distribution will not be allowed and aborted without an explanation.

E. The distribution will not be allowed and aborted with an explanation.

Question #15 - Topic 0

What is the proper path for a packet going through an HP Tipping Point E-Series Hardware

A. Broadcom > Puma > Physical > Sphinx

B. Puma > Sphinx > Broadcom > CPU

C. Broadcom > Physical > Puma

D. Physical > Broadcom > Puma > Sphinx

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