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Question No : 1

What is NOT a key competitive differentiator of IBM SPSS Modeler based on product

A. Automated modeling and data preparation
B. Intuitive visual interface
C. Scorecards and dashboards
D. Open and scalable architecture

Question No : 2

Which statement best describes the integration between IBM Cognos and IBM SPSS

A. Data used in IBM Cognos BI and IBM TM1 is directly available to IBM SPSS Modeler, and results calculated are available for reporting.
B. Data used in IBM Cognos BI and IBM TM1 is directly available to IBM SPSS Modeler, and results can be written to the database for IT to make available for reporting.
C. Data used in IBM Cognos BI and IBM TM1 is exported into a file and then read into IBM SPSS Modeler for further analysis.
D. IBM SPSS Modeler creates an IBM Cognos report that can be added to an IBM Cognos BI dashboard.

Question No : 3

Which does NOT indicate an opportunity to up-sell from IBM SPSS Modeler Premium to
IBM SPSS Modeler Gold?

A. Customer desires greater insight into the algorithms and approaches used to build their models.
B. Customer desires the ability to combine business logic with predictive models.
C. Customer desires integrating predictive analytics with prescriptive analytics (optimization) to manage tradeoffs and make best use of scarce resources.
D. Customer desires to use advanced analytics to drive daily business processes.

Question No : 4

What percentage of out-performers have predictive analytics capabilities?

A. 20%
B. 40%
C. 60%
D. 80%

Question No : 5

A retail marketing director needs to improve customer retention and wants to include
customer feedback from his call center. Which IBM SPSS Modeler Premium capability
would be applicable?

A. Social Network Analysis
B. Entity Analytics
C. Text Analytics
D. Automated Modeling

Question No : 6

Which role is NOT a user of IBM SPSS Modeler?

A. Data Scientist
B. Business Analyst
C. Business Manager
D. Analytic Professional

Question No : 7

Which of these features require that customers have entitlement to IBM SPSS Modeler

A. SQL Pushback, In Database Scoring Adapters and In Database Mining
B. Monte Carlo Simulation and Social Network Analytics
C. Python Scripting and R integration
D. Space Time Boxes

Question No : 8

Which capability is NOT included in the price of IBM SPSS Modeler Gold?
A. R integration
B. Automated model refresh
C. Campaign optimization
D. Realtime scoring

Question No : 9

Which user is most likely to use the automated modeling feature of IBM SPSS Modeler?

A. Professional statistician
B. Business analyst
C. Business executive
D. IT manager

Question No : 10

Which is NOT a competitor for IBM SPSS Modeler?

A. RapidMiner
B. R
D. Tableau

Question No : 11

Which IBM SPSS Modeler edition is the best match for the below value proposition?
Combines predictive analytics on all data - structured and unstructured - with decision
management capabilities to make better decisions at the point of impact.

A. IBM SPSS Modeler Gold
B. IBM SPSS Modeler Premium
C. IBM SPSS Modeler Professional
D. All IBM SPSS Modeler editions share this value proposition

Question No : 12

Which statement captures the value proposition for IBM SPSS Modeler?

A. IBM SPSS Modeler is a workbench of algorithms for data scientists and advanced statisticians.
B. IBM SPSS Modeler is a cloud-based portal for advanced analytics.
C. IBM SPSS Modeler is a comprehensive predictive analytics platform, designed to bring predictive intelligence to decisions made by individuals, groups, and systems.
D. IBM SPSS Modeler is a predictive analytics platform used to create reports and dashboards.

Question No : 13

Which capability is part of IBM SPSS Modeler Premium?

A. Entity Analytics Unleashed
B. Text Analytics
C. Social Media Analytics
D. All of the above

Question No : 14

As part of your IBM SPSS Modeler opportunity progression, the Chief Financial Officer of
the prospective company requests a Return on Investment reference for IBM SPSS
Modeler. Which would NOT apply?

A. A building manufacturer realized a 113% return on investment in 12 months.
B. A division within IBM predicts to have 150% return on investment in one year.
C. A telemarketer using ANOVA realized $2M in cost savings the first year of use.
D. A telecommunications company who realized $3.8M in cost savings per year.

Question No : 15

Which role is typically the buyer of IBM SPSS Modeler?

A. Business Manager
B. Business Analyst
C. System Manager
D. Analytic Professional

Question No : 16

Which description of value would be correct to share when speaking with Sales and
Marketing Executives about IBM SPSS Modeler?

A. Improve customer intimacy, Improve cross sell close rate, Improve customer retention
B. Improve customer growth, Improve customer retention, Improve visualization
C. Enhanced process monitoring, Advanced use of business rules, Real time feedback
D. Improve customer intimacy, Improve customer lifetime value, Improve customer retention

Question No : 17

Which business case scenario does NOT fit IBM SPSS Modeler capabilities?

A. An insurance firm uses SPSS Modeler to help plan and optimize its outbound marketing campaigns across product groups and channels.
B. A college relies on SPSS Modeler to predict which students are less likely to return to school. CA bank fights the spread of an eroding customer base by using predictive analytics to identify customers likely to leave the bank.
C. A stockbroker delivers above average market returns by using IBM SPSS Modeler to pick stocks to invest in.

Question No : 18

Which statement is false?

A. The number of IBM Analytical Decision Management users is irrelevant when quoting IBM SPSS Modeler Gold.
B. IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services Scoring is an add-on to IBM SPSS Modeler Gold.
C. IBM SPSS Modeler Premium capabilities are NOT included in IBM SPSS Modeler Gold.
D. IBM SPSS Statistics is an add-on to Modeler Gold.

Question No : 19

Which is an example of an IBM SPSS Modeler Opportunity?

A. An on-line retailer is looking to deploy Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
B. An on-line retailer is looking to predict stock levels for its warehouses.
C. An on-line retailer is looking to measure activity on Social Media.
D. An on-line retailer is looking to report on transactions within a region.

Question No : 20

Which words complete the value proposition for IBM SPSS Modeler Premium?
The differentiating features of IBM SPSS Modeler Premium that can address a wider
multitude of business cases and create more accurate models on structured and
unstructured data are____________, ____________and _____________.

A. Space Time Boxes, Logistic Regression, Automatic Data Preparation
B. Text Analytics, Entity Analytics, Social Network Analysis
C. Database access, SQL pushback, Integration with IBM SPSS Statistics
D. Classification models, Association models, Clustering models

Showing 1-20 of 44 Questions   (Page 1 out of 3)

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