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CCNA Cyber Ops Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals



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About Course

To earn your CCNA Cyber Ops certification, you must pass the Cisco 210-250 SECFNDexam (the second test associated with this credential is 210-255). Passing any test requires thorough preparation through study courses and other resources. This is where the Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals SECFND V1.0 course begins. In this comprehensive training, you will learn basic security concepts and security techniques employed by SOC (Security Operations Center) to detect threats on a given network using varied popular solutions and tools.


Both the self-paced and instructor-led courses are delivered through videos with modules and concepts broken down into easy-to-consume bits. Interactive labs, quizzes, and graded labs bring out the required concepts in an interesting way. The course equips you with knowledge and the much needed abilities in basic principles of cybersecurity, foundational knowledge, and core skills needed to pass your certification exam.

Besides passing your Cisco 210-250 exam, the other intention of this training course is to equip you with foundational skills that you require to understand the concepts of the advanced-level second test. The skills you will gain from this training will give you an upper hand when you start studying for your Cyber Ops exam.

  • Knowledge in working with Windows OS
  • Knowledge in working with Linux OS
  • Knowledge of basic IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
Course objectives
  • Describing, comparing, and identifying different network concepts
  • Basics of TCP/IP
  • Describing and comparing important security concepts
  • Describing networking applications and their challenges
  • Understanding of fundamental cryptography principles
  • Understanding of end-points attacks and how to interpret log data in identifying events both in Windows and Linux
  • Developing skills in security monitoring and how to identify sources and types of events and data
Exam details
  • Type of questions: multiple choice, drag and drop, fill-in-the-blank, router simulators, simlets and teslets
  • Number of questions: 55-60
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Languages: English and Japanese
  • Certification renewal: After every 3 years
Exam topics
  • Network Concepts
  • Attack Methods
  • Cryptography
  • Security Concepts
  • Security Monitoring
  • Host-based Analysis
Target audience
  • Beginners in the cybersecurity field
  • IT professionals seeking to know more about cybersecurity
  • SOC personnel
  • SOC security analysts

The Cyber Ops security field is one of the most important and challenging aspects of a network environment. The Cisco 210-250 course will go a long way in equipping you to become a professional who is capable of offering solutions for the network security threats and challenges. The technical skills and knowledge you obtain from this training will leave you as an all rounded and the most-in demand skilled expert. Once you earn your CCNA Cyber Ops certificate, you can fit into job roles, such as a cybersecurity analyst, a cybersecurity network associate, a cybersecurity specialist, and a cybersecurity junior risk management analyst. These job roles can bring you up to $113, 531 salaries on an average per annum.

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  • Jonael

    Dec 29, 2018

Passing my exam was made real by this 210-250 course. The instructor uses a language that is easy to understand. I really like the way he is articulating the concepts for every course topic. Everything was clear from the beginning, and I never had to struggle at any one time to understand what the instructor was saying. The videos, the labs, and the quizzes helped me a lot.

  • Tyrone

    Jan 19, 2019

Setting up my own labs was the toughest part. However, I like the way I was taken through the process of preparing and using these simulations. Being able to replay the videos was the best part because it may not be possible to understand everything the first time you listen to or study them. Great work, guys! Thanks!

  • Turner

    Jan 29, 2019

The course is up to the point and brings out all the required information and concepts. This is something that I would recommend to anyone preparing for their exam.

  • Halle

    Feb 7, 2019

I’ve just started out with the introduction and now, I’m on the first topic on networking concepts. Such a nice presentation. I hope the rest of the course is exactly as this or even better.

  • Sutton

    Feb 8, 2019

Good course! I’m so thankful. I have only one topic to go, but so far I have not been disappointed so much. There were only a few times when I had to replay the videos. Some few sections aren’t that clear. But overall, this is a good course

  • Alisson

    Feb 9, 2019

This course offers the best way to prepare and practice for exam. I’m more enlightened about the exam topics and all the concepts. The videos are very clear, and the quizzes and labs are amazing. Thanks a lot for giving me this much needed boost in my exam prep.

  • Tegan

    Feb 11, 2019

Great course! I highly recommend!

  • Ingrid

    Feb 11, 2019

This is absolutely the best course so far. I’ve been struggling with using study guides and wasn’t making a head way. When I searched for a course, this is what came up quickly. I’m glad I listened to my instincts to use this course straight away. The simulations, quizzes, the lectures – all of them were just so awesome. I’m recommending the course to anyone intending to take their Cisco 210-250 exam.

  • Dalary

    Feb 12, 2019

Nice course for studying cyber security. You made it possible for me to understand very hard topics.

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