• DJ Driver Jr.

      DJ Driver Jr. 

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    • Kim Campbell

      Kim Campbell 

      Dr. Kimberlee Campbell's research interests include medieval epic poetry,  Renaissance travel journals, indigenous American languages and cultures, and computer-assisted language learning. Campbell's publications include The Protean Text: A Study of Versions of the Medieval Legend of Doon and Olive (Routledge 1988) and Échos (Yale University Press 2003), an introduction to issues of cultural identity in French and francophone contexts, as well as articles on the representation of women and minorities in medieval epic. She has also published articles on Rabelais and on the history

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    • David Kaufman

      David Kaufman 

      David Kaufman has degrees in linguistics and anthropology. He has been involved in indigenous language revitalization for over a decade with a heavy focus on Siouan languages. He served as the language director of the Kaw Nation of Oklahoma, teaching the Siouan Kaw (Kanze) language to both children and adults. He produced and published a revised dictionary of the Siouan Biloxi language. He is currently involved in other language documentation and revitalization projects, including a dictionary and grammar of the Atakapa-Ishak language of Louisiana and a phrasebook and lexicon of Mobilian Jargo

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    • Royce Young Wolf (Freeman)

      Royce Young Wolf (Freeman) 

      Royce K. Young Wolf (Freeman), Hidatsa-Mandan and Eastern Shoshone, is currently a doctoral candidate in Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma. Her dissertation focuses on Indigenous relationship making through language revitalization and collaborative initiatives. She was raised on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming and attended the St. Labre Indian School in Montana. She earned her Bachelor degree in Humanities with a minor American Indian Studies from Fort Lewis College and a Master degree in Native American Studies from

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    • Chris Golston

      Chris Golston 

      Chris Golston studied Philosophy and Classical Languages at UC Berkeley and Linguistics at UCLA (MA, PhD) and is now a professor of Linguistics at California State University Fresno. Among dead languages he specializes in Ancient Greek, Latin, and Hittite; among the living he works with Crow, Hidatsa, and 

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    • testimonial - Dave Kaufman

      Dave Kaufman 

      Dave Kaufman earned his Ph.D in Linguistic Anthropology. He has served as the Kaw Nation Language Program Director and has had nearly twenty years of experience in second language teaching and program development. Dave will be the Mandan instructor for all three weeks of the Summer Institute.

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    • Armik Mirzayan

      Armik Mirzayan 

      Armik Mirzayan has been an Assistant Professor in Native Studies, Lakota Language, and the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics at the University of South Dakota since 2011. He earned his PhD in Linguistics from University of Colorado at Boulder in 2010. Armik has been studying Lakota and doing linguistic research on Siouan and Caddoan languages since 1999. His specific research within linguistics is focused on phonetics and sound patterns of languages, language change, and language revitalization. He completed his dissertation on Lakota Intonation and Prosody, a topic that

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    • Bernadine Young Bird

      Bernadine Young Bird 

      Bernadine Young Bird is a member of the Maxoadi Clan-Alkalai Lodge and an enrolled member of the Three-Affiliated Tribes on Ft. Berthold. Bernadine has raised her own children, 5 grandchildren, and has also fostered many other children throughout the years. Raising children has given Bernadine a tremendous joy, which she relays through her teaching. In the past, Bernadine was an elementary school teacher and Education Administrator, where she had oversight of all education programs Pre-school to Adult for the MHA Nation. Bernadine is currently the Language Coordinator/Faculty of the NHS Colleg

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    • John P. Boyle

      John P. Boyle 

      John P. Boyle earned his MA and PhD in Linguistics from the University of Chicago, and has taught linguistics at Northeastern Illinois University.  He specializes in Hidatsa, and has served as Executive Director of the Apsáalooke Language Curriculum Project for the Crow Tribe. He has also served on the Committee on Endangered Languages for the Linguistic Society of America, and as organizer of the annual Siouan-Caddoan Languages Conferen

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